Wine cellar


Grape harvesting is such a special time, such a special event, it is a birth, a beginning of  creation of something new.

Our vineyards are close to our wine cellars and that is of high importance, for the grapes from the moment they are divided from their mother, the vine, get to the cellar very quickly.



It is a magical place where a new life is born. Most people when they taste our wine they always say that up to the moment they tasted our wine, they didn't know that Žilavka or Blatina could have those characteristics


In the grapes and later in the wine, we want to preserve as many of those natural components found in them as we can. We do not want to take anything away from it.






As much as it is possible we try to use free fall in order to avoid pumps,  we press the grapes on rubber rollers to avoid the damage of the stalk  and grape seed.


When it comes to certain wines we even take off grape per grape, and we do that manually. We don't filter most of the wines, because the lees that will appear later would be a confirmation of its naturalness.