Out of grapes we harvest we make wines in several different ways.




So, we have our basic wine, a fresh Žilavka-Brkić, which is made in the way that we cooled an inox barrel for it,  and there it was made. Because of cooler conditions it preserves more scents, fruity taste and freshness.








Our Brkić Žilavka-Reserve is its sister that went to get more formation in the oak tree barrel where it spent 18 months.

In this wine  one can see a stronger structure of color, seriousness of scent and a special taste created for true  connoisseurs.






Greda is a locality above Čitluk, the area where our vineyards are situated, but Greda is also our wine that we get from Žilavka sort that was made and nurtured fully in its own lees.

What is special about it, is that it aged  in oak tree small barrels mostly made from Bosnian oak tree that later gives itself to that wine.






Plava Greda (Blue Greda) is the wine we get from red wine grape sort called Blatina, especially  cherished and nurtured as our wine cellar favourite one.

Carefully minded for 18 months in oak tree little barrrels, where  at peace it obtained all what delights us as we taste it.

According to many, the best red wine of these regions.





Mjesečar (Moon walker) is our first wine produced in a complete organic way, by the rules of biodinamic production with an ardent help of the Moon. According to Moon phases we did all the work in vineyards, from pruning, earthing,  harvesting, grape per grape placing in the barrel, to the wine itself.








There is another wine we have, completely different to all others. It is called Limousine.

But that 's another story.

When we meet... We are going to share that story with you......